Super Serious is a podcast that asks, “What would it be like to live through the 616 Marvel Universe as it was happening”.

The hosts, Mike and Ed, speak in modern vernacular, but otherwise live in the world of the early Silver Age of Marvel Comics. The first episode takes place in November 1961. The Thing and the Human Torch have just been spotted in the city, but no one knows who or what they are. Following episodes explore the ramification to the world of subsequent comic issues. The commentators know as much about what is happening as any intelligent outside observer. And a lot starts happening very fast!

We talk about what the real world consequences would be for this super human action (like when Giganto destroys lower Manhattan) and theorize on what is going on that we do not know about (“If these people got super powers by going into space, shouldn’t we send more people into space to create a super human army? If we don’t, won’t the Russians do it?). We deal with issues the comics do not normally cover (“Is Iron Man joining the Avengers a good use of Stark Corp shareholder capital?”) and predict what could happen next (“Unstable molecules are likely to be the next big fashion trend!).

Show notes link to the comics being discussed that episode and provide a short summary of what happened in that issue that we will be discussing.

All audio is dropped through email, but you can also listen through any podcast player (the text of the emails are in the show notes, but the formatting can get a little weird, so we recommend reading in your email browser).

If you use a different player and you can’t find the show, you should be able to add it manually through this link: https://api.substack.com/feed/podcast/295684.rss

If you are looking for a specific episode - or episodes about a specific character - we maintain a (somewhat) regularly updated index of all the episodes recorded sorted by character and theme.

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