What to expect and getting Super Serious into your podcast player

Hello True Believers…

You are among the select few subscribers to the SuperSerious newsletter/podcast before actual launch. Here is what is coming:

  • On Sunday night we will drop the first four episodes. Before we go fully public with our project we want to make sure there is enough content out there to be interesting. This means you will get four emails from 5:30am-7:00am ET. Sorry about that.

  • After the initial launch we plan on pushing a new episode three times per week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will get the episodes in your inbox are 530am ET / 230am PT. We want it to be there for your morning commute (or whatever it is that people do between getting up and starting work these days)

  • Each email contains five things:

    1. The podcast audio (you can listen directly from your email client)

    2. The cover image of the issue we will be discussing

    3. A brief synopsis of the issue we will be discussing

    4. Our assumptions of anything else of importance that we believe is inferred but not spelled out in the text

    5. A clarification of when the discussion is taking place with respect to the events in the story

You may also wish to listen to the audio through your regular podcast player. You can do that! We should be available on every mayor player. Here are the links to the major ones:

If you use a different player and you can’t find the show, you should be able to add it manually through this link: https://api.substack.com/feed/podcast/295684.rss

If you are still having difficulty, just reply to this message and we will try and help you through it.

If after listening you thought it was good, we would really appreciate your review. You can do that by clicking here, then going to “Listen on Apple Podcasts”, then “Write a Review” (easier than it sounds). You may also want to share the episodes with your friends, family, and any minor celebrities you know. If you thought it was terrible, you should reply to this message yell at us in all caps and then never tell a soul.

All of the content from the emails should be in the show notes in your audio player, but the formatting will be weird (bullets are dropped for example). So we generally we find reading the content is better via email (which is why we have set up subscription options both ways).

Stay tuned for Monday morning! We are excited to have you on this journey with us!

Edward and Michael