Dec 24, 2021 • 12M

Episode 121 - Superhero Fan Clubs (Tales to Astonish #55) -- April 1964

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What if the Marvel Universe was real? Mike and Ed are radio commentators in 1961 discussing the ramifications of a world with super heroes, monsters & aliens. Why is no one asking, "Is Ironman a good use of StarkCorp shareholder capital?"
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In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the mechanics of superhero fan clubs. Why are most members so young? Can anyone join a fan club? How much access to superheroes do members get? Do these clubs need security or at least require background checks? Is the fan club model going to work as it scales? Why is it easier to get access to superheroes than it is to traditional celebrities like rock stars and actors?

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 55 | Marvel Database | Fandom

In this issue:

Giant-Man and the Wasp host a teen fan club of theirs at their downtown lab. Around that time, the Human Top escapes jail and immediately returns to causing chaos and robbing banks. Giant-Man and the Wasp investigate and ultimately run headlong into the Human Top, who steals Giant-Man’s size-changing pills and takes one, growing very large. The Top cannot figure out how to handle the size change, and he is easily defeated.

This episode takes place:

After the Human Top is bested once again.

Assumed before the next episode:

People are looking into signing up for superhero fan clubs to meet their heroes.