Episode 128: When Super Villains Take Our Advice (Amazing Spider-Man #12) -- May 1964


In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss Dr. Octavius’s rampage across the country - and how no superheroes even attempted to stop him. If you commit a crime outside of New York City, did the crime even happen? And why, after all his success in places like Chicago and Dallas, did Doc Ock return to NYC? Will the ego of supervillains be their downfall? Also, to be clear, This is not legal advice for future supercriminals!

In this issue:

Dr. Octopus is on the run, engaging in a crime spree along the East Coast. He seems to be motivated about taking Spider-Man on again, though, and plans to return to New York City to confront him. He ends up doing that, and when they battle, Spider-Man unfortunately has the flu and is easily bested by Doc Ock. Spider-Man is unmasked and revealed to be Peter Parker. Everyone assumes that Peter was just dressed up as Spider-Man and not the real deal. Doc Ock leaves, frustrated that the “real” Spider-Man did not show up to battle him. Eventually, Spider-Man fights Doc Ock and, after an intense battle, takes a villain down.

Assumed before the next episode:

People are wondering why supercriminals keep attacking New York City.

This episode takes place:

After Spider-Man has beaten Doc Ock.