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What If Marvel was Real?
Episode 134: Betrayal! (Journey Into Mystery #106) -- June 1964

Episode 134: Betrayal! (Journey Into Mystery #106) -- June 1964

In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss Dr. Donald Blake’s betrayal of Thor. Why did he do it? Was it purely Machiavellian? Did they plan it? How does Thor feel about Blake now - is he still going to act as his bodyguard, or does Blake need a new Avenger to protect him? Also: Cobra seems to have shifted strategies from turning the world into Cobras to smash and grabs. Why the reduced ambition? And what will we learn now that he is in custody?

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #106 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Behind the Comic:

This was part two of a series. At this point in the continuity, Stan Lee has decided to both (1) Start re-using villains, and (2) Bring the villains together in team-ups to raise the stakes. It combines this new idea with many familiar Thor tropes: Thor’s hammer is taken away by a machine turning him into Donald Blake; and Blake appears to betray Thor (discussed in the episode), which drive him further apart from his love, Nurse Jane Foster.

In this issue:

Thor battles Cobra and Mr. Hyde. During the battle, he transforms into his mortal guise of Dr. Donald Blake and is separated from his cane, which prevents him from turning back into Thor. The villains threaten the crowd and, in an effort to save them, Dr. Blake tells the villains that he will take him to Thor. The crowd is angry about this betrayal by Dr. Blake. But it’s all a ruse to allow Dr. Blake to get back to his cane, tap it on the ground and turn back into the mighty Thor. Having transformed once more into a superpowered god, Thor battles the villains and defeats them. Unfortunately, the world, including in particular his beloved Jane, believes that Dr. Blake betrayed Thor, not knowing that they are one of the same. It is a sad state of affairs for Dr. Donald Blake/Thor.

Assumed before the next episode:

Dr. Donald Blake is public enemy numero uno. Or at least, he’s certainly not well liked as people think that he betrayed Thor.

This episode takes place:

After Dr. Donald Blake apparently betrayed Thor, who was still able to defeat Cobra and Mr. Hyde.

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What If Marvel was Real?
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