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Episode 144: Overstaying your visa (Amazing Spiderman #15) -- August 1964

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What if the Marvel Universe was real? Mike and Ed are radio commentators in 1961 discussing the ramifications of a world with super heroes, monsters & aliens. Why is no one asking, "Is Ironman a good use of StarkCorp shareholder capital?"
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Mike and Ed discuss the world famous Kraven the Hunter and his trip to New York City. Was Kraven here on a tourist or working visa? Did authorities know he was coming in order to HUNT Spider-man? If Kraven committed a crime, why was he not charged domestically? If he did not, then why was he deported? Also: Will Kraven be hunting over super people with animal totems (like The Wasp, The Cobra and The Porcupine?)

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #15 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Behind the Comic

Kraven is one of Spider-man’s archnemesis’s, and Lee will return to him again in only a few months. Kraven also works closely with the Chameleon in this issue, who is later revealed to be Kraven’s brother. There is no hint of that relationship in this issue though. The logic of Kraven being deported for doing the thing that he was on the front page of the paper saying he was going to do just days before is a little lost in the issue. But the art is great!