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What If Marvel was Real?
Episode 153: The World Fair (Journey Into Mystery #109) -- October 1964

Episode 153: The World Fair (Journey Into Mystery #109) -- October 1964

In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the World Fair. Yes, it had an exhibit on superheroes, but why wasn’t there an exhibit on alien races? Or undersea civilizations? Or underground civilizations? Or other dimensions? Why weren’t there demonstrations of the FantasticCar or Iron Man-type armor? It seems like a missed opportunity. Also: Why was Daredevil in the superhero exhibit? Can anyone get a statue as long as they put on a mask and punch people?

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Behind the comic:

The World Fair was a big deal in 1964, and Stan Lee used it as the backdrop in a number of issues around this time. The main plot line of this issue (which is not discussed in the episode) was the battle between Thor and Magneto. It is interesting that while every hero has their own rogues gallery of villains, Lee does not hesitate to, every once and a while, cross villains. Dr. Doom (FF villain) fought Spider-Man. Loki (Thor) battled Dr. Strange. And Electro (Spider-Man) battled Daredevil. Magneto is a little different, in that his rivalry with the X-Men was almost absolute. There are only a handful of the early issues where he does not appear. He barely has time to do battle with anyone else. This is the first time he does (and even here, the entire X-Men team make a guest appearance).

In this issue:

the World Fair is on, and they have an exhibit displaying a good number of American superheroes. Meanwhile, Magneto sends his minions to find the X-Men while he decides to test his mettle on New York City. Thor leaps into action after witnessing the mayhem created by Magneto using his powers to lift cars in the air, among other things. Thor battles Magneto, who fails to turn him to his cause, and yet Magneto is able to get away.

Assumed before the next episode:

People are wondering why the World Fair does not have exhibits on aliens, gods, or monsters.

This episode takes place:

After Thor defeats Magneto.

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What If Marvel was Real?
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