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What If Marvel was Real?
Episode 159: Persuasion vs Compulsion (Daredevil #4) -- October 1964

Episode 159: Persuasion vs Compulsion (Daredevil #4) -- October 1964

Programing Note:

Both hosts will be traveling this summer and we realized we may not be able to record new episodes for a period of two months. In order to keep a regular cadence, we are going to pre-record as much as we can in May, and then drip them to you at a rate of one per week. We hope to pick up the pace again sometime in August or September. In the meantime we hope you will be able to “savor” the episodes on this slower cadence. We have also invested in improved post-production editing. Maybe you noticed a difference in the last half dozen episodes?

In This Episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the Purple Man, a villain who admits to having the ability to compel people to follow his every verbal command. What is the difference between persuasion and compulsion? Are they different in kind, like running vs flying, or just degree, like running vs running super fast? If someone is persuaded to do something illegal they are criminally responsible for the act, but what if they are compelled? If someone can resist being compelled, are those who fail to resist liable? Where does one draw the line? Can a line be drawn at all? Also: Is the US military secretly experimenting on mind control chemicals? Have I persuaded you to listen to this episode yet?

Daredevil (1964) #4 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Behind the Comic:

This is the first appearance of the Purple Man, who in modern comics becomes a very dangerous, disturbing villain. He is most famous for taking Jessica Jones hostage and under his control for months. The after-effects of that mind-kidnapping were explored both in the comics (Alias #24) and the first season of Jessica Jones (originally on Netflix, now available on Disney+)

In This Issue:

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