Super Serious 616 Presents: WHAT IF... Marvel was real
What If Marvel was Real?
Episode 163: Buying Super Powers (Avengers #10) -- November 1964

Episode 163: Buying Super Powers (Avengers #10) -- November 1964

In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss an ad that has been appearing in the back of comics and magazines that promises to provide customers with superpowers. Are we finally seeing mass-produced superpowers? Is this organization being run by the government? Will getting powers be dangerous? Or is it all a scam or a prank?

Avengers (1963) #10 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Behind the comic:

This is the first appearance of Immortus. Immortus is later retconned into being a future version of Kang the Conqueror, but in this appearance he is a standalone character with no connection to Kang.

In this issue:

Rick Jones responds to an ad which promises to give him superpowers. It is a ruse by Immortus, who is working with Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, to bait the Avengers into a fight. The Avengers oblige, and Immortus, as a master of time, bring various historical figures to the present to fight the Avengers. Ultimately, the Avengers prove their mettle and defeat Immortus and his motley crew drawn from the far reaches of time. This issue also includes a classic “heroes fighting due to a misunderstanding”, and demonstrates the might of Captain America.

Assumed before the next episode:

The Avengers are wondering how to protect themselves against someone who can travel through time.

This episode takes place:

After the Avengers have defeated Immortus.

Super Serious 616 Presents: WHAT IF... Marvel was real
What If Marvel was Real?
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