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Episode 178: Underwater Ironworking (Tales to Astonish #64 - Part 1) -- February 1965

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Edward Nevraumont
What if... the Marvel Universe was real? In 1961 the Fantastic Four revealed themselves to the world and everything changed. Mike and Ed discuss the in-universe implications of super powers, aliens, monsters and more. From how Avenger Insurance will pay for Thor's property damage to why Spider-man needs a new PR agency, its comic books discussions in a whole new way. Every issue covered in the Marvel Universe from the very beginning. Full backstory on every episode with transcripts at www.SuperSerious616.com
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Note: When this episode was first published it referenced TTA #62. It is actually about TTA #64. We regret the error.

In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the “attack” on an American airliner by Atlantians. The underwater empire used advanced technology to capture the airplane in a “bubble” and lower it to the water. No one was killed, or even injured, so was it an attack? Are America and Atlantis at war? Or do we just not understand their culture? Do we have an urgent need for sociologists? How many factions of Atlantians are there? Are there more in the Pacific?

Tales to Astonish (1959) #64 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Behind the issue:

Tales to Astonish is now split between Giant-Man/the Wasp and the Hulk. We cover the Hulk part of the issue in “part 3”.

In this issue:

The Wasp’s plan is captured by the Atlanteans as it soars above the ocean, with some kind of bubble structure pulling it, safely, to ground. This attack is orchestrated by the Atlantean war lord Attuma. Giant-Man races to her rescue, taking on the Atlantean warriors and singlehandedly defeating them.

Assumed before the next episode:

People are wondering if we are at war with Atlantis.

This episode takes place:

After Giant-Man has rescued the Wasp and her fellow passengers, as well as the crew.