May 21, 2021 • 10M

Episode 27: Ant-Man shrinks crime while super genius freak out (Tales to Astonish #37) -- Nov 1962

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What if... the Marvel Universe was real? In 1961 the Fantastic Four revealed themselves to the world and everything changed. Mike and Ed discuss the in-universe implications of super powers, aliens, monsters and more. From how Avenger Insurance will pay for Thor's property damage to why Spider-man needs a new PR agency, its comic books discussions in a whole new way. Every issue covered in the Marvel Universe from the very beginning. Full backstory on every episode with transcripts at
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In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the latest criminal to go up against Ant Man - the Protector. Another engineering genius who breaks bad to prove himself against a superpowered hero? Does this prove the point we made in the last episode?

Tales to Astonish (1959) #37 | Comic Issues | Marvel

In this issue:

A small jewelry store owner mutters to himself that the Protector is robbing his store. Ant-Man, who is spying on the entire city through his network of ants, jumps in to help the store owner. He basically sets up a fake robbery, which leads to him battling the Protector, who appears to be a super-strong giant. He eventually discovers that the Protector is actually the small jewelry store owner who was running an insurance scheme and robbing other stores too. You would think that a 60 year old engineering genius would come up with a better use for an amazing exoskeleton than to commit insurance fraud and knock over small businesses. Crime does not pay, and yet another genius goes to jail. Meanwhile, Ant-Man, another science genius, feels pretty good about himself.

Assumed before the next episode:

The police are becoming overly reliant on the services of the masked vigilante, Ant-Man.

This episode takes place:

After the world has been deprived of a criminal genius who became the victim of his own hubris and ambition.