Episode 29: Thor rescues kidnapped scientists (good), lets them find their own way home (not so good) (Journey Into Mystery #87) -- Dec 1962


In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the return of scientists kidnapped by the Soviets. Unfortunately, Bruce Banner was not one of them. Thor rescued the scientists, although he didn’t bring them all of the way home - which seems odd. Also, why didn’t the Fantastic Four get involved - it could have been a public relations coup for them!

In this issue:

Scientist after scientist defect to the USSR, and no one can figure out why. Dr. Donald Blake, mild mannered doctor volunteers to work with Army intelligence to act as bait. His plan? Proclaim to the world that he has invented a new biowarfare weapon. The plan works, and he is kidnapped by a Soviet agent and stolen away to the USSR. There, he meets with the other US scientists, who were similarly kidnapped. Fortunately for all concerned, Dr. Blake is also the mighty Thor, god of thunder. Blake transforms into Thor, busts the scientists out, and in a strange bid to preserve his secret identity, returns to his Blake form so that he can make his way back to the west with the other scientists.

Assumed before the next episode:

The public is rightly worried about the number of Russian spies on American soil.

This episode takes place:

After the scientists have safely travelled by plane, train, and automobile back to America.