Episode 31: New York, London, and now ... Glenville? What’s so special about that town? (Strange Tales #103) - Dec 1962


In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss why there seems to be so many “incidents” in the small town of Glenville. Are super-powered heroes and villains now happening everywhere, or do people like the Human Torch attract this type of thing?

In this issue:

Houses in Glenville are sinking into the ground and no one knows why. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, who lives in Glenville, calls Reed Richards for help and is told to figure it out on his own. Some teammate. And so Johnny investigates and is at a loss for these strange occurrences. He returns at night and sees aliens using a ray gun on a house, which causes it to sink into the ground. He confronts one of the aliens and is transported to their dimension, the Fifth Dimension. There, he meets the overlord of the Fifth Dimension, Zemu, and is swiftly imprisoned. A group of dissidents free Johnny, and he inspires the people to rise up against Zemu. Johnny then returns to Earth and the life of an ordinary high school student (whom everyone must know is “secretly” the Human Torch).

Assumed before the next episode:

People were already nervous about living in NYC because the Fantastic Four live there and seem to attract trouble - and they’re likely getting nervous about living in Glenville, where the Human Torch lives.

This episode takes place:

After the public has learned that the Human Torch lives in Glenville, and that super-strange events are taking place there.