Jun 4, 2021

Episode 33: 1962 Year in Review (SPECIAL! DOUBLE SIZED!) -- December 1962

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What if the Marvel Universe was real? Mike and Ed are radio commentators in 1961 discussing the ramifications of a world with super heroes, monsters & aliens. Why is no one asking, "Is Ironman a good use of StarkCorp shareholder capital?"
Episode details

In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the incredible events since the Fantastic Four first appeared on the scene in a special year in review episode. 1962 - a year we’ll never forget!

In This issue:

This episode does not tie to any specific issue. Rather, we look back on everything that has happened from November 1961 through to the end of December 1962, including the introduction of the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and Ant Man. We also dive into the major events that took place in their comics over the previous year that was public knowledge, which includes two alien invasions, the destruction of lower Manhattan, a half-dozen mind control incidents, and more!

This episode takes place:

At the end of December, 1962 - after Strange Tales #103 and before Tales to Astonish #39