Episode 44: Inter-dimensionality (Tales to Astonish #41) -- Mar 1963


In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the definition of an alien invasion - does an attack from another dimension count? They also explore the limits of Ant-Man’s powers (Can he control wasps? How about polar bears?), and why he was involved in the inter-dimensional scientific kidnapping.

In this issue:

Henry Pym drops by his friend Paul’s place, but the door is locked. And so he shrinks to the size of an ant, breaks in, and confirms that Paul is indeed not home. The news that evening carries the story that another eminent scientist has disappeared, to the bewilderment of the authorities. Pym decides to investigate, as Ant-Man. Before he can do that, he is ambushed and kidnapped. Which makes sense, given that Henry Pym is an eminent scientist. Pym’s kidnapper takes him to another dimension ruled by the tyrant Kulla, who has been kidnapping Earth’s best scientists so that they can build a death ray for them. (Note: If they can master inter-dimensional travel, why do they need help with a death ray? A question for another time.) Pym changes into his Ant-Man costume and shrinks down, whereupon he finds out that he can control the minds of inter-dimensional insects, whom he . That’s handy, as he figures out how to defeat Kulla with the help of these insects . Pym and the other scientists then return home.

Assumed before the next episode:

The public is wrestling with the notion of inter-dimensional travel and the threat it may pose.

This episode takes place:

After Henry Pym and his fellow eminent scientists return from Kulla’s dimension.