Episode 52: How to be a (successful) superhero (Tales of Suspense #40) -- April 1963


In this episode:

In this episode, Mike and Ed discuss the latest superhero to take the stage: the Invincible Iron Man. Ed argues that Iron Man is better than any hero that has come before him in managing his public relations. The hosts explore the differences between Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ant Man, Thor, and the Fantastic Four, and suggest that Iron Man has learned from his previous mistakes. Also: is the latest attack really an alien invasion, or is the “alien claim” the best way to jump into being a “tier one” hero?

In this issue:

Tony Stark is lauded the world over for his genius and accomplishments, all the while remaining at the top of the list of the world’s most eligible and sought after bachelors. Unbeknownst to his adoring public, Stark is also Iron Man, scourge of mobsters and science criminals alike. Stark figures out that his drab gray Iron Man costume scares the people he has sworn to protect, which leads him to painting his costume bright gold. Adventure awaits this new, golden avenger of wrongs. First up is the mystery of the walled-in town. Iron Man investigates and learns that Gargantus has not only taken over the town but also hypnotized its residents into worshiping him. Iron Man challenges Gargantus to a battle and easily defeats him, learning in the process that Gargantus was actually a robot sent by aliens to subjugate the Earth.

Assumed before the next episode:

People are thrilled with Iron Man’s prettier costume - gold is really in these days.

This episode takes place:

After Iron Man has gone from grey to gold, and also secured his first big win against aliens.