Super Serious 616 Presents: WHAT IF... Marvel was real
What If Marvel was Real?
Episode 58: Attack from Above (Amazing Spider-Man #2) -- May 1963

Episode 58: Attack from Above (Amazing Spider-Man #2) -- May 1963

In this episode:

In this episode, Mike and Ed discuss the limited ambition of the latest super-criminal known as “The Vulture”. Are his powers inborn or through a mechanical exoskeleton? How would personal flying devices impact our world? Why weren’t any superheroes needed to capture him? Where was Ant-Man?

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #2 | Comic Issues | Marvel

In this issue:

A new supervillain terrorizes New Yorkers - the Vulture! He swoops down from the sky to snatch briefcases and otherwise creep out the city. J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle is desperate for photos of the Vulture. The Bugle’s young photographer Peter Parker is keen to grab a few snaps of the villain, and heads out as his alter ego, the Amazing Spider-Man. The Vulture is actually quite easy to find - he taunts the police about his next planned robbery - and Spider-Man ends up battling him in the skies above the city. Round one goes to the Vulture. But Spidey doesn’t give up! He invents a cadet to mess with the Vulture’s flying contraption, and takes the Vulture down.

In a second story, Peter Parker meets the Tinkerer, who is working with aliens planning to attack the Earth. Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume and battles the aliens, chasing them off the Earth. All in a day’s work for Spider-Man.

Assumed before the next issue:

People are wondering why super-powered people are disguising themselves as animals.

This episode takes place:

After the Vulture has been grounded.

Super Serious 616 Presents: WHAT IF... Marvel was real
What If Marvel was Real?
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