Aug 6, 2021 • 10M

Episode 60: And so it begins... the international super-powered arms race (Journey Into Mystery #93) -- June 1063

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Edward Nevraumont
What if... the Marvel Universe was real? In 1961 the Fantastic Four revealed themselves to the world and everything changed. Mike and Ed discuss the in-universe implications of super powers, aliens, monsters and more. From how Avenger Insurance will pay for Thor's property damage to why Spider-man needs a new PR agency, its comic books discussions in a whole new way. Every issue covered in the Marvel Universe from the very beginning. Full backstory on every episode with transcripts at
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In this episode:

In this episode, Mike and Ed discuss the Radioactive Man, a super-powered scientist working for the Chinese Government. The Radioactive Man’s attack on Thor appears to be a response to Thor’s recent attack on the Chinese military near the China-India border. Is China’s response proportionate? Or is it the first step towards an all-out nuclear and super-powered war?

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In this issue:

Dr. Donald Blake is on an American medical mission in Asia that is suddenly attacked by the Chinese military. Fortunately for the Americans, Dr. Donald Blake is actually Thor. Blake turns into Thor and repels the attackers. The Chinese military deliberate on a response. Military scientist Dr. Chen Lu experiments on himself and turns himself into the Radioactive Man. Now super-powered, and radioactive, the Radioactive Man lands on the shores of the U.S. and, for some reason, decides to go through Customs, where he demonstrates his fearsome power. Showing a flair for the dramatic, the Radioactive Man stands on Broadway and challenges Thor to battle him. Thor meets the challenge but finds that he may be outmatched. Defeated, Thor leaves the field of battle and then figures out the best way to defeat the Radioactive Man, who is bent on blowing up New York City. Thor’s solution? He creates a private tornado that whisks the Radioactive Man back to China, where he blows up.

Assumed before the next issue:

People are wondering if the Chinese government is behind the Radioactive Man’s invasion.

This episode takes place:

After the Radioactive Man has been defeated.