Episode 70: How to fight the next war (Fantastic Four #17) --


In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the “One Day War” with Dr. Doom and Latveria. Is this how all future wars will be fought - by destroying our ability to operate factories or use electronics? The Fantastic Four saved us this time, but what is to stop another attack? Should we take the war to Doom’s homeland? Is there a defence against this new type of attack? Or is our only defence an army of super-powered individuals fighting as “champions”?

In this issue:

The Fantastic Four are on the lookout for super-powered despot Dr. Doom. He eludes them, hiding in plain sight (somewhat), and then sends strange anthropomorphic floating creatures that are impervious to the Four’s powers, and are mainly sent to just irritate them. Dr. Doom then kidnaps the Thing’s girlfriend Alicia Masters, and also demands a post in JFK’s cabinet. JFK refuses to back down, which leads to Dr. Doom messing with their defence system. The Fantastic Four are tasked with bringing Doom down, and after a hard fought battle, they succeed, with the Invisible Girl taking Doom down through guts, guile, and strength.

Assumed before the next episode:

The world has learned of the tyranny of Dr. Doom, and are grateful for the Fantastic Four’s assistance in defeating him and restoring relative peace to the world.

This episode takes place:

After Doom has been defeated.