Sep 8, 2021

Episode 75: The Avengers - the world’s most popular superhero team starting in 2012 - debut in 1963. Another superhero team in NYC - the NYC Duopoly (Avengers #1) -- September 1963

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Edward Nevraumont
What if... the Marvel Universe was real? In 1961 the Fantastic Four revealed themselves to the world and everything changed. Mike and Ed discuss the in-universe implications of super powers, aliens, monsters and more. From how Avenger Insurance will pay for Thor's property damage to why Spider-man needs a new PR agency, its comic books discussions in a whole new way. Every issue covered in the Marvel Universe from the very beginning. Full backstory on every episode with transcripts at
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In this episode:

Mike and Ed talk about the uniting of Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the Hulk into a new super team called “The Avengers”. This is clearly a PR win for the Hulk, but what is in it for Iron Man and Thor? How do the Avengers relate to the US government and military? Are they a counter-balance to the Fantastic Four? Are they going to be based in New York, and if so, why double up in that city while leaving the west coast undefended?

Avengers (1963) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

In this issue:

Loki plots his revenge on Thor whilst imprisoned. He figures out that the best way to seek his revenge is to manipulate the Incredible Hulk. He does so by making it appear that the Hulk is damaging public property and putting the lives of innocents in danger. This leads to Thor, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man to separately decide that they need to take the jade giant down. The four superheroes unite and track down the Hulk, who has disguised himself as a lifelike robot at a traveling circus. The four do battle with the Hulk until Loki is revealed as the true culprit. They make peace with the Hulk, who decides to join them in the world’s latest (second?) superhero team, The Avengers!

Assumed before the next issue:

People have whiplash in going from seeing the Hulk as a villain to seeing him as a hero.

This episode takes place:

After The Avengers have announced their team up to the world!