Episode 92: Shootout in … New York City? Are we ok with that? (Strange Tales #115) -- December 1963


In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss the Human Torch’s battle with Sandman. It is one thing for superheroes to battle supervillains to stop them, but it is another thing for the superheroes to “call out” the villains for fights in a densely populated area! If they are going to do that, is the middle of the downtown core of the city the right place to do that? (The answer is no!) Also: please put Sandman in a glass cell or something. At least try to keep the super-criminals in jail. And Spider-Man really needs some way to stop every one from impersonating him!

In this issue:

The Fantastic Four plan to take the Sandman down. He has apparently escaped his jail cell - who would have thought a man who can turn into sand could escape a conventional jail cell - and the Four are on the case. The Human Torch goes after the Sandman but cannot force a confrontation with him. And so the Torch dresses up as Spider-Man and challenges the Sandman to a bout. Sandman shows up and the two fight, with the Sandman nearly defeating the Torch more with his brains than his brawn, but ultimately the Torch prevails.

Assumed before the next episode:

People are wondering if it is a good idea for super-powered people to fight amongst them (answer: no).

This episode takes place:

After the Human Torch has defeated the Sandman.