Episode 95: Emotional Antidote Hesitancy (Fantastic Four #21) -- December 1963


In this episode:

Ed and Mike discuss the Hate-Monger and his “Hatred Ray”. Unlike mind-control, this “emotion control” is far harder to identify. How would you know you are under the influence of a “Hatred Ray” and not just “mad and angry” for all the “normal” things that make you mad and angry? Will the effects of the Hatred Ray be permanent, or long-lasting, without an antidote? How do we know who in New York should be given the antidote? Can we force people to take the antidote? How thoroughly has this antidote been tested? Reed Richards took it, but he is not known for his caution…

In this issue:

A new villain, the Hate-Monger, causes a riot in New York City. He has whipped people into a hateful frenzy with a “Hatred Ray”. He uses it on the Fantastic Four, which leads to them acting entirely out of character, angry and hateful. Fortunately, Reed’s old army buddy Nick Fury shows up. Fury explains how the US military needs the Four’s help in San Gusto, and Reed, still feeling the effects of the Hatred Ray and antipathy towards his teammates as a result, goes alone. Meanwhile, the Hate-Monger heads to San Gusto, and he captures Reed. Fury rescues Reed and gives him the Hatred Ray antidote. The rest of the Four catch up, and Reed gives them the antidote too. Fully restored, they take down the Hate-Monger.

Assumed before the next episode:

People may still be angry, maybe due to the Hatred Ray.

This episode takes place:

After the Hate-Monger has been defeated.