Nov 3, 2021 • 9M

Episode 99: Another Doctor Strange? That's strange. And it gets weirder. (Strange Tales #116 Part 2) -- January 1964

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Edward Nevraumont
What if... the Marvel Universe was real? In 1961 the Fantastic Four revealed themselves to the world and everything changed. Mike and Ed discuss the in-universe implications of super powers, aliens, monsters and more. From how Avenger Insurance will pay for Thor's property damage to why Spider-man needs a new PR agency, its comic books discussions in a whole new way. Every issue covered in the Marvel Universe from the very beginning. Full backstory on every episode with transcripts at
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In this episode:

Mike and Ed discuss Dr. Strange, the mystical magic-user whom the police claim has helped solve multiple cases that could not be explained by modern science. Has Mike already validated his 1964 prediction that magic will be important this year? How is “magic” different from the superpowers that the Human Torch and Thor have? Also, is “Strange” his real name? How convenient! And what exactly is he a doctor of?

Strange Tales #116, Story B – Coke & Comics

In this issue:

Nightmare rules over the dream dimension, and plans to conquer humanity as he studies them while they sleep. He fears Dr. Strange and his tutor the Ancient One, who are able to combat him on his terms. Back on Earth, the police visit with Dr. Strange and ask him for help with the outbreak of people who cannot wake from their slumber. Dr. Strange obliges and, upon his investigation, determines that supernatural forces are at work. He enters the nightmare world to investigate, coming face to face with Nightmare. They battle, and Dr. Strange overcomes Nightmare with the use of his magic amulet.

Assumed before the next episode:

People do not know much about the strange Dr. Strange, but they are curious as to whether magic truly exists in the world.

This episode takes place:

After the police announce their use of Dr. Strange as a consultant.